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NoobJuice is a graphical user interface (GUI) for performing basic system administration tasks under Gentoo Linux. The project consists of a viewer and a set of standard plugins which currently implement the management of kernels, GRUB boot configuration, service startup (runlevels), user administration, and basic package management that uses eix, gentoolkit, and portage as a backend. The NoobJuice viewer supports the development of additional plugins in the form of Qt4 widgets which may be created using a very simple plugin interface.

4 Oct 2009 :
NoobJuice 0.2 is on its way, with several bug fixes and new features including a built in help browser in the viewer capable of showing XHTML documents for plugins as well as the documentation included with the viewer itself. Plugins can now be designed to provide the location of their documentation to the viewer upon request, but are not required to for backwards compatibility. The Gentoo plugins now contain an additional screen for editing some of the more standard configuration files and running the related commands to make the system re-read these files. Support for eixdump version 2 is now present for the "Portage Packages" screen, so eix versions above 0.18.0 will be supported once I have completed work on NoobJuice 0.2 and released it. I will be posting pre-release versions of NoobJuice Viewer and the NoobJuice Gentoo Plugins within the next day or two, for anyone who wishes to participate in helping to test the software.

I wanted to express my appreciation to Martin Vaeth for his assistance in implementing the XML output features in the Ebuild IndeX (eix) program, and for making that feature part of the official program. Without his work and his willingness to accept my contributions, NoobJuice would not be what it is today.

5 Oct 2009 :
NoobJuice Viewer 0.2 released.

7 Oct 2009 :
NoobJuice Gentoo Plugins 0.2 released.

13 Oct 2009 :
NoobJuice Viewer and Gentoo Plugins 0.3 released.


File Name File Time Description
noobjuice-gentoo-0.1.ebuild 2009-10-07 21:54:56 app-admin/noobjuice-gentoo/noobjuice-gentoo-0.1.ebuild
noobjuice-gentoo-0.2.ebuild 2009-10-07 21:54:56 app-admin/noobjuice-gentoo/noobjuice-gentoo-0.2.ebuild
noobjuice-viewer-0.1.ebuild 2009-10-07 21:54:25 app-admin/noobjuice-viewer/noobjuice-viewer-0.1.ebuild
noobjuice-viewer-0.2.ebuild 2009-10-07 21:54:25 app-admin/noobjuice-viewer/noobjuice-viewer-0.2.ebuild

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